Hold On

Written by: Burning Slow  
Featuring: Jonathon Rivera on Keys  Produced by: Strong Sound Studio LLC  Directed by: Cody Duggan  
Shot by: MGI FILMS/Crum Brother Productions  
Actors: Jesse Russell  Ashleigh McCarty   
Special Thanks to:
Three Rivers Coffee Co. (Waxahachie) Tradewinds Social Club (OakCliff)
All of our fans and showing their mad support.  
Izzy Wilson
(Burning Slow Management Team)   

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 Burning Slow is a four piece reggae rock band; comprised of a group of music devotees sought after their alternative rock twist.
 When their not practicing, Burning Slow dedicates a lot of their time recording and composing. The results of their hard work have brought them shows opening and working with: Sublime with Rome, Passafire, Saving Able, Bam Margera (Fuck Face Unstoppable), Bubba Sparxxx, Pacific Dub, AfroMan, Dubbest, Roots of a Rebellion, Katastro, Audic Empire, Authority Zero, Fayuca, Leroy Shakespeare, Smile Empty Soul , Pennywise, The Effinay’s, and many more.
Burning Slow has played a wide variety of events, shows, private gigs, and festivals. Currently they are working to book their 2019 Texas Summer Tour, with a new single and an EP on its way- these guys are aiming for movement this year. But the real question is “Will you be there to see it happen?”
Outside the studio, Burning Slow drives growth for other artists as well as, providing artists with beats, collarborating, and even teaching them new recoding methods. Front man Matthew Brodeur operates his own recording studio under Strong Sound Studio LLC. Where he masters artists such as: Bum Lucky, Jason Herrin, and Ron Bultongez. With a studio at hand, Burning Slow not only records and releases its own music, but also provides sound and assists with gigs as well.
Sponsored proudly by DFW NORML Burning Slow actively seeks opportunities to support great causes and bring their fans to support those causes as well.
Knowledge, skills, incredible talent, and a sound that captures the heart of its crowd, this is what makes up Burning Slow 

Matthew Brodeur- Lead vocals/ Guitar
Cody Duggan- Backup vocals/ Guitar
Mark Sue- Drums
Renzo Rey Franco- Bass

Robert Denton- Percussion

Label: Independent 

Genre: Alternative Reggae
Hometown: Waxahachie
Influences: The Expendables, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Brand New, Sevendust, Sublime, and Laguna Pi
Sounds Like: 311, Sublime, Incubus, and The Expendables

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